Work Emails When should you send an answer to them (1)

Work Emails: When should you send an answer to them? (Work-Life Balance)

Every employee tends to monitor their email after work whether they should do it or not and set unexpected expectations for their ready availability. This might seem to be creating a good impression but end up wrecking up their work-life balance by setting high expectations. Most employees focus on their work-life balance and say strictly no to working after the working hours, even if they tell everyone else to do the same.

As per many analyses, people who monitor and respond to their email after work hours will hurt their job performance and lead to more chronic stress situations by being always available to clients. If the managers have the perception that making their employees respond to email after work will increase productivity, they are wrong. Employers will end up disturbing the well-being and performance of their employees. 


Impact on health due to “always-on” culture

This increasing “always-on” culture and high expectations for consistently monitoring the emails have impacted the health of the employees to a great extent. As they will not be able to fully disengage from their work leading to chronic stress issues that impact their emotional and physical performance. This will also have an impact on their work-life balance. Though it will not take time to respond to emails they cannot be free from their work and think about something else. 


This type of culture is highly forced on every employee to remain online whether they have any work or not. This creates a stress that they will not be able to engage in something productive or give time to their family or attend any function.


Disturbed work-life balance

If the employee will be online even after the working hours they will not get time to spend time with their family. It will be a challenging situation for those employees who want to keep both their lives separate as the management won’t let them do it. No matter how much the company emphasizes maintaining the work-life balance, they are the ones who end up expecting such responses from their employees. 


So it is also the equal responsibility of the company to check if their employees are having a great working environment at the workplace and are not overstressed due to work after working hours.


How can you avoid checking emails after work?

Well, it is up to you how you want to work and manage things smoothly. You can avoid checking emails after working hours by restricting the notifications regarding the emails. If you are missing some of the important messages due to this, then you can set a filter to only get the urgent matter after working hours that require your attention. 

Also, make sure that the email server for your corporate emails on your mobile devices is off. You can set a schedule to check emails at a particular time and respond only if the matter is urgent. There is no need to consistently check emails for any reason.

You can also try to avoid screen time and spend some quality time with family and friends without worrying about the work. 

To avoid this “always-on” culture, you need to take action as it is going to impact your performance and well-being. So say no to working remotely after office hours and have a great work-life balance.