What are the most common mistakes in a Job Interview (1)

What are the most common mistakes in a Job Interview? And how to avoid them?

It does not matter how much have you prepared for the interview, there are various situations where you get nervous and end up making mistakes. Interviews are very crucial and people cannot take risks if it going to impact their career growth. You can avoid such mistakes and can do good in the interviews. Some people might not be able to understand what mistakes they should avoid, so we have mentioned some of the common mistakes that have been made. So that people can take precautionary measures to avoid those mistakes.


Not completely prepared for the interview

One of the most common mistakes that people made is they become overconfident about the interview and do not do complete research. They do not understand the role and responsibility of the job. So make sure that you start your preparation a few days before the interview. Go through the possible questions and do research on the company. Do not stress yourself and take a good night’s sleep to clear up your mind. Make sure that you reach the interview location an hour earlier to be familiar with the environment. Keep yourself hydrated and show your best skills.


Do not ask for the salary yourself

Make sure that you avoid bringing up the salary part in the first round of the interview. Also, you should avoid the questions related to the holidays, flexible working hours, and other benefits that the company will provide. Leave this question to the HR round as they will be capable of telling you such information in detail.


  1. Try not to be arrogant

Due to overconfidence, most people go rejected in the first round. So make sure that you are confident enough to tell all your achievements and abilities to do the job. You can use the facts and stats from your previous jobs as evidence and prove that you are a suitable candidate for the job. 


Never criticize your old job

If you are changing your job, one of the common questions is why are you leaving your current role. In that case, you need to make sure that you will not say a bad word about the previous role, company, or manager. You should answer positively such as you are looking to improve your skills, more career growth, challenging role, and others that will look more suitable and create an impression on the interviewer.


Not skiing question at the end

Most of the interviewers will ask you if you have any questions at the end of the interview, and many people reply no. if you say no then it will give a signal that you did not understand any of the things that are being said by the interviewer or you might not be paying attention to any detail. Make sure you ask at least a single question to make sure that you are engaged and attentive throughout the interview.


Well, these might not seem a big thing to you but an interviewer will notice every detail of yours and judge your communication and listening skills. How attentive you were and how eager are you to get this job. So you should avoid making any mistakes as it might impact the decision of the interviewer.