What are Employers looking in Candidates post pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven changes in the ways Employers are recruiting and what skills they look for while selecting potential candidates. With the change in work culture and organizational practices, employers are looking for employees who possess the requisite skills to match to sustain this changed model post-pandemic.

Employers now prefer candidates with more Creativity and an Innovative approach while delivering business goals and objectives. Be it Job applicants or existing employees, if you are open to assimilating different ideas and feedback, you will stand out of the crowd for solving business problems. The more you are open to considering suggestions, the better you will be at devising innovative methods of work for enhancing productivity and results.

The business environment at present has become uncertain more than ever. This calls for Employees who are willing to work with Challenges and are flexible enough to adapt quickly as required for the growth of their organization. During the pandemic, the business organizations faced multiple challenges from managing work virtually to keep the business activities live and running. Employees who exhibited a Leadership attitude for solving these problems proved that this is one skill that is going to stay on the top list of the employers while hiring talent pool.

The Pandemic triggered a need for greater collaboration and trust between the employees and the employers. While going for remote work employers extended support to their employees who in turn exhibited accountability by delivering performance and productivity similar to before the pandemic. As we proceed in the post-pandemic world of work, these newfound ways of how work is done and how to collaborate will keep winning the trust of the Employers.

As the list of preferred skills by employers continues, Service Orientation has become a skill important irrespective of role or industry. Employees who are driven by s strong sense of service are able to connect better with colleagues and customers leaving a positive effect on work methodology.

Networking and Relationship Building has become a top priority for businesses as they need to connect and collaborate is crucial for rebuilding post-pandemic successful work models. Apart from the traits mentioned above the Employers due to the transformation brought by the Covid-19 pandemic will look for basic skills like the ability to add value different from machines and automation, the ability to work in a digital environment and, the ability to adapt continually to new and changing working conditions & business requirements. As an employee in the post-pandemic era, Interpersonal skills are also a highly preferred skill that separates the top talent pool from the rest. Individuals good at Interpersonal skills know their way well for achieving Team effectiveness and, for developing collaboration and relationships.

Another segment that will be in demand and enable you to thrive at your workplace is the Cognitive Skills domain. This includes 1.) Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, 2.) Planning-work planning, time management & thinking agile; 3.) Communication – active listening, right questioning, presentation & public speaking; 4.) Mental Flexibility – ability to learn quickly, adopt different perspectives and adapt to the dynamic business environment.

It is evident that the current workforce is expected to face and, overcome an altogether different aspect of Career growth and development. So, get ready to acquire these skills and prepare well to know about the post-pandemic driven skillset for sustainable career growth.