For quite a time we have been hearing of Digital Revolution to set in and, in present times we can profoundly say that it has ultimately arrived. In the post-pandemic era, many jobs which were not even thought of being done remotely were carried out working from home. All organizations realized the need for having a strong digital infrastructure and technologies to keep their businesses operational. Obviously, these changes have also impacted the Skills that the employers will look forward to in their existing employees or fresh hires too.

Recruiters are now willing to go for candidates who have skills like critical thinking, complex problem solving, and greater flexibility. The post-pandemic work culture has dawned upon skill requirements that are very different from what they used to be in the past few decades be it Soft Skills or Technical (Hard) Skills.

So what are the top skills which matter for businesses and you must try to imbibe? Let’s have a glance at them.

Technical Skills –These are specific and specialized skills required to do a job. These are more technical in nature and can be acquired through training, certifications, or degrees.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is not just about robotics. It has to do with more Machine Learning to automate and streamline processes and systems. As a job seeker, you should be prepared to upskill so that you become ready in the new AI and Machine Learning pro work environment. Along with AI strong analytical skills to understand and interpret data will add to your employability.

Digital Marketing

In the present digital era, it has become essential for every business to have an online presence. Hence Digital Marketing has become one of the important components of the marketing mix for any business to drive growth. This skill will be in demand for clear reasons like more online visibility meaning more website traffic which will lead to more conversions and finally more revenue and growth.

Project Management

Project Management skills are in demand as they help businesses to ensure that they deliver the right and real value to their customers within stipulated timelines and optimum resource utilization. You can acquire this skill through certifications or degrees. In order to be a skilled project manager, you must be able to adapt to the environment, do multitasking effectively and have brilliant interpersonal skills. You should also be good at risk evaluation and risk mitigation.

 Cloud Computing

With a rapid increase in digitization of workplaces more and more companies are shifting their business operations to Cloud-based applications. Cloud, in general, can be defined as a global network of Servers. Cloud Computing engineers are required to manage such Cloud-based solutions or software.

Web Design / UX (User Experience) Design

This is one skill that is the key to determine user experience in the online world. Teams having this skill are required to work with traditional Graphic Design or User Interface (UI) techniques to understand how users will use a website or mobile app and, how they can make it more user-friendly to add to the overall user experience.

Soft Skills – These are skills that are directly related to behavioral traits and emotional intelligence. While Technical skills reflect your knowledge and years of experience, Soft Skills show how well you can work with people and dynamic workplace situations.

Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem-solving

Critical thinking is required more than ever in the post-pandemic era. Businesses look forward to employees who are able to critically view and understand business challenges and come up with innovative problem-solving ideas driving business growth and sustainability.


Communication skills are very crucial be it a hybrid work culture or total remote work or total office work. As a professional, you should be communicating as effectively as pre-pandemic era to smoothly run business activities and processes.


As a Jobseeker if you wish to have an edge over competitors you should be able to overcome the challenges posed by virtual work culture for collaboration between teams and colleagues. Employees having strong collaborative skills will always have an edge over their peers.

Continuous Learning

In today’s agile business environment individuals who have a growth mindset and have a continuous learning attitude are preferred highly by recruiters and employers.


Leading in the post-Covid-19 business environment differs from anything that was before the Pandemic. Remote Work settings, highly dynamic and volatile business conditions need Leaders who are able to motivate and drive long-term change effectively in their organizations. Leaders who are able to communicate with clarity are need of the hour for companies to sustain and grow.

Time Management

This is one of the most important soft skills in the present scenario as it ensures efficiency and productivity to deliver results.

To sum up, the list of skills can be ongoing. However, the above listed are the ones that are usually top-rated in the list. So, whether you want success in your current job or you are looking for a change or you are a fresher, you must acquire knowledge of these hard and soft skills. And based on your interests and competence, you should master the skills required for a job matching your requirements.