Tips to follow up after an Interview

Job Search, job application, and selection is a process that requires a great deal of Patience. It all begins from checking job opportunities matching your interests and skill set. You prepare your resume in the best possible manner and apply for job postings, waiting for an interview call. And, when you get that call you make all efforts to perform your best, and then, you wait to hear back from the recruiter about Interview results.

This waiting period fills you with anxiety and anticipation. The more you feel that you are about to land up with the job offer, the more eager you feel to act and follow up! However, the smart way is to wait and do the follow-up in the right manner and at the right time. Being eager with the hiring manager or recruiter can be annoying and adversely affect your chance of getting selected for the job.

Following are some of the important tips to consider for doing the follow up after your job interview:

Send a thank-you note within twenty-four hours of your interview as a mark of gratitude.

You should write to the recruiter after the time period mentioned by them during your interview for feedback. In case not, the ideal time for the first follow-up email should be at least five to seven working days.

If you haven’t sent any thank you note, the first follow-up should begin with a thank you note to the hiring manager or recruiter to give you the opportunity for the Job Interview. And, if you have already sent a thank you note, you should write a very polite email with the appropriate subject to know about the interview result after 7 to 10 business days.

Do not write a too short or a lengthy follow-up email. The ideal email should not be more than three paragraphs. The first paragraph should be thank you for giving you the chance to appear for the selection process. Also, mention the date and job position for which you were interviewed. You should express your interests and enthusiasm about joining the organization and how you are a perfect fit for the job role with your skills, knowledge, and experience. Your email should communicate clearly that you are looking forward to hearing back from them. Remember, an influential follow-up can positively increase your chances of getting the job.

Finally, when you get to know the interview result and, you don’t get the job offer though you feel that your interview went well. In this scenario, you must send an additional thank you note and ask for feedback on the interview as this will help you enhance your preparation for upcoming job interviews and get the job you are looking for.

One very important aspect of not only follow up for the interview but your entire career is Networking or Relationship building! You should keep this in mind from beginning to end of your job search process. Even if the interviewer has selected another candidate, don’t count it as your failure. Rather, try to build a rapport and include the recruiters in your network so that you can request further a referral and tell them that you are looking forward to staying in touch with them. This network-building trait can benefit you down the line in your job hunting or your career path.

So whether you are searching for a job in Canada or India, make sure you follow these tips after an interview.