Things to do before leaving your Job

Things to do before leaving your Job

If you are looking for a job change and about to resign then there are various things that you need to consider for a smooth transition. Some companies offer a small notice period that will make you think of how you are going to manage your transition. Before you sign off from your computer for the last time, make sure to gather all the important documents that might require in the future company. Make sure that you leave the company on the good terms and in the most professional way, so you can think of rejoining if you want to.


Every company has a mandatory checklist that every employee needs to complete before they leave the company such as returning laptops, id cards, and many other belongings of the company. If you have a short window to complete all the tasks then you need to strategize and prioritize your task to be efficient.


Despite making a list or following the company checklist, still, employees tend to forget the most important things and we have mentioned some of the mandatory to do before you sign off from the company. Well, you might not require to adhere to every point but yes you will get a reminder so that you will not miss anything.


  1. Start with the knowledge transition- if there is a new employee being hired as your replacement then your responsibility is to provide him/her with the required knowledge about the teamwork and project, so they will be easily onboarded and get along easily with other team members and tasks. You can set up a meeting with the manager to understand your role before you go and what mandatory things you need to complete.
  2. Create a list of tasks- make sure that you create a running list of all the major tasks that are required to be done before the final sign-off. You can take the help of the company portal where you are assigned some tasks, prioritize accordingly and act as soon as you can.
  3. Apply for other opportunities- if you do not have any offer in hand then it is high time that you start looking for new opportunities. You can start with updating your job portals and resume with your latest skills and achievements. Make sure, to get recommendations from the current workplace if possible that will help you in getting better opportunities.
  4. Store some work samples- make sure that you gather some work samples to use as an experience in the next company. Also, make sure you are not taking their confidential data as it will be a crime and reflect a bad image of yours. Also, the next company will not trust you on this basis. So be clear and honest even if you were not happy with the working environment.
  5. Make a good impression- always remember that you leave a company on a good note and in a professional way so that you will be remembered by your teammates. It will help you to stay connected and even got to know if there is a better opening within the prior team.
  6. Complete the checklist- due to the excitement, do not forget to work on your checklist daily and try to complete it within time, so there is be no tension before a few days of leaving the company


Leaving a company whether you like it there or not always ends up having mixed feelings as you were leaving your comfort zone, friends, and mentors behind to achieve something better. So, have a proper goodbye and try to connect with everyone you know before you leave. This will make you feel better even though you are leaving your comfort zone.