The Working Mother’s Career Dilemma

The Working Mother’s Career Dilemma

Today, there is no difference between a working man and a woman. Both are doing their job and even women are doing great and moving to the top management with great speed. But a “working woman” is somehow different from a “working mom”. I guess every woman out there agrees that how much a working mom has on her plate while juggling between the work and life balance. A working mom always lives in constant guilt of leaving their children behind and having to be there for them in their journey.

It is somehow difficult to fulfill every task with wholeness. Thus juggling various tasks and responsibilities puts a lot of pressure on a working mom. Well, today many people in the workplace are very cooperative who come forward to give a helping hand and appreciate their efforts that make their life easier. But, leaving their kids at home clings their heart and makes their brain hops between home and work.

Some might not be aware of the dilemma of a working mother, but we have adhered to some of the critical and challenging situations faced by every working mother. So that you will understand their situation and help them to make their work-life balance smoother.

Below is a list that will amaze you of how a working mother manages everything from head to toe.

  • For a working mother, mornings go like crazy. Getting everyone ready along with their child and herself, preparing breakfast, completing all the house chores before they leave for work. They need to follow a strict schedule to be on time and make sure the kids are ready too before they leave.
  • One of the most heart-wrenching situations is to leave their unwell kids at home under others’ supervision. Every time they think of their kids if they are fine if they have eaten if they have taken medicines, and etc. also, they have to focus on their work to perform well and getting recognized. This makes them feel guilty for not being available for their kids when they require them the most. As it might not always be possible to take the day off.
  • Also, to spend quality time with their little one’s they have to do long planning so that they can take some time and spend with their kids. It is like a luxury for them to spend a whole happy day without thinking about the work and household chores.
  • Sometimes, they have to make some hard decisions that will make them crazy. As the meeting presentations are as important as the kid’s PTA meeting. They need to prioritize and make things happen at different schedules so they can attend both.
  • Well, it is true that a woman never takes care of herself or prioritizes herself above her family and work. This leaves them with no me-time which is important for anybody to clear their mind and reduce stress due to many responsibilities.
  • If anything goes wrong with kids, only the moms are to be blamed. Thus it is the responsibility of both partners to share the workload and give the mom a helping hand to make their life less stressful.


Working moms are role models for everyone who thinks that their life is miserable and they want to quit. So it is important that at the workplace and home, they are admired and appreciated for what they are doing and boost up their confidence for keeping going the way they are.