job burnout

Signs that you are burned out in your Job

Today, technology has evolved and also has a lot of pressure on employees to do even better thus make them stressed. Some people who are struggling to cope up with the stress due to a toxic work environment may lead to situations of burnout. It will leave them stressed, demoralized, empty, and unable to do anything productive at the office or at home. They try to avoid getting into communication and avoid meeting people. It impacts the physical as well as mental health of that person. If proper attention is not given to cure it at the early stage then the person will take time to recover or else he will look for a better job options.


The term “burnout” has been referred to by Herbert Freudenberger as the “high cost of high achievement”. That meant the extinction of motivation or unable to produce desired result irrespective of your hard work. It lowers down your performance and you feel incapable of doing any simple task. So it is important that you know the symptoms of burnout.


Signs and symptoms

It might not be measured but a person can feel the stress of being burned out. Below are some signs of being burnout.


  • Some people who are suffering from burnout will start alienating other team members and try to avoid getting into the type of communication. Also, they complain about their work environment and the people they work with. Sometimes, they don’t feel a thing and keep working without knowing what are they doing.
  • Excessive stress may sometimes lead to various physical symptoms like headache, dizziness, and others.
  • If a person is suffering from burnout then they will start feeling draining out, stresses, demotivated, lonely, without any energy, and unable to cope up with the working environment.

Possible causes of burnout

There are many reasons that can lead to burnout. Below we have mentioned some of the major reasons.

  • If you have a hectic schedule, more assignments, meetings to attend, and are unable to make concrete decisions then you may be on the verge of getting burnout.
  • If you are not clear about the job expectations or what your managers expect from you for that specific role then it may cause uncomfortable situations that may lead to burnout.
  • If your workplace has a toxic working environment where people around you are just busy gossiping, bullying people, or make fun of you then you may get stressed and do not able to perform well in such situations can also lead to burnout.

How to avoid burnouts at the office

Well, it is important that you try to avoid the situation and take the necessary steps for stoping it at the early stage and become more productive. Below are some measures that can be taken to avoid burnout.


  • You need to seek support whenever required either at the office or at home. Do not overburden yourself by fulfilling everyone’s expectations.
  • Try to engage yourself in some activities that will relax your mind and body so it will improve your productivity and performance while doing work.
  • Try to sleep on a time and complete your 8 hours of sleep to relax your mind and make it more productive.
  • Try to make concrete decisions that are being heard by everyone and gain respect.


It is important to come out of burnout situations otherwise you will not be able to grow either mentally, emotionally, or financially. You need to take necessary actions whenever required and focus on your goals.