Know how to strengthen your Networking skills while you WFH (1)

Know how to strengthen your Networking skills while you WFH


Whenever we talk about working from home, we create a positive image like working from an environment as per your requirement, drinking coffee, enjoying your company, and getting maximum output. While working from home has its perks but there is a downside that people working remotely might not be able to connect with the team leading to a weak network. As everyone knows how much a network matters in the IT field. At some point, you will feel isolated and cut out from every group and communication.

Networking and relationship-building are the key factors to excel and achieve unexpected growth in IT. having the right connections will be a boosting factor for career development and career satisfaction. 

If you have been bored and feeling isolated by working far away from your team, then you can follow the below-mentioned tips for strengthening your networking skills while taking advantage of working from home.


Always be ready to connect via video calls.

If you are working from home and you are not able to attend the in-person networking events then you should start saying yes to the video or online events. This will help you in connecting to people and various teams. You will no more feel left out. Attending online team meetings or joining various webinars will help you to cope up with the gaps that you might have created by working from home. Having normal conference calls is not enough effective as compared to video as you will be able to interact more effectively.


Participate in weekly status calls

Working from home might create some communication gaps and sometimes it will be difficult to follow the routine of your team members. It is important that you and your team members will be on the same page. For this, you should be ready for the weekly status calls, where you can get the updates of your project and understand what needs to be done. It is a great opportunity for you to overcome the communication gap and resolve all your work-related issues.


Use social media to connect

Well, social media has become the latest trend to connect with people. Social media platforms have come into the limelight after the 2019 covid situation when people worked from home and found it difficult to connect. Social media is one of the upcoming platforms to look for new job opportunities. So look up new connections that might be useful for you in the future.


Look for peer groups outside your home

Well, it is next to impossible that people can stay out of any connection or a group of people to interact with. You can look for various peer groups outside your home where people having a common interest like yours will meet to share their views on a specific topic. This will be a great chance to get out of your working area and make yourself more productive and engaging.


However, it should be the equal responsibility of the leaders to take special care of the employees working from home as they need more motivation to work. Leaders should come up with new ideas to make them cheer up and organize events that will provide the employees a chance to connect with various teams.