How to use Linkedin to get a job

Linkedin is one of those networking sites that provides you with the option to connect with some professional individuals while also gaining a great deal of information about working as an intern or as a regular employee. You will find a lot of people who search for different tasks in various sectors or hire individuals from all around the globe by publishing their daily updates on Linkedin. 


This social platform makes it simpler to get a job since there is a greater variety of roles that might best suit your requirements and is in line with your experience. Many of us, on the other hand, are still sceptical about our ability to locate suitable employment. In this article, we will provide you with some fundamental guidelines for using the Linkedin platform in order to get employment. Let’s get started.


Use the search option to the fullest

That search bar you’ll see at the top isn’t just any search bar. It’s the most advanced search bar available. It has the capability of locating the ideal positions for which you could be interested in applying. You can customize your search by sorting them among people, jobs, businesses, groups, and inbox. You can further refine your search by selecting “jobs,” and then selecting “region,” “connections,” “industry,” “job function,” and “experience level.”


Over time, LinkedIn’s intelligent search will develop a sense of your choices and provide them to you in an appropriate manner. You can now understand why search engine optimization (SEO) is vital while creating your own profile on a social network. When you use the proper keywords, you will be discovered by those who are searching for those phrases. As a result, make sure you are easily identifiable.


Create experiences that others will want to talk about

Speaking of being findable, one of the best ways to distinguish yourself is to be viewed as a dependable professional in your industry, someone who is competent and highly employable in your sector. In order to do this, you must share your knowledge and experience. Take into consideration the fact that in this day and age of omnipresent social media, everyone is continuously gathering and sharing their experiences. 


Create a compelling LinkedIn profile

It goes without saying that having a solid LinkedIn profile is critical to your campaign’s success. After all, it is what represents the value that you will provide to potential employers. The following elements must be included in your linked in profile: background picture, headshot photo, title, summary, comprehensive experience section, education, your best abilities, and any additional parts permitted by LinkedIn. 


It must demonstrate to employers the value you will bring to them via achievements and skills. It has to reflect your individuality. Consider your profile to be a document for networking purposes on the internet. Write your profile in the first-person tense; you may use third-person tense if you believe it is appropriate for your personality.


Make a connection with Linkedin Users 

Having a professional profile on LinkedIn, interacting with others, and participating with your network are not sufficient. While you may connect with a large number of people online, your relationships will not be genuine until you go out and make a bond with them in a personal way—for example, by making a phone call to them, video chatting with them, or seeing them in person.



We hope that the information provided above will assist you in better comprehending the features of Linkedin in general. One thing that every job seeker on LinkedIn should bear in mind is that it takes time to find a position. It takes time to develop a great networking game, and in order to attain your objectives, you must be constant and diligent in your efforts to improve your networking abilities.