How to do well in Exit Interview

How to do well in Exit Interview?

Most companies do not focus on conducting an exit interview and neglect it, resulting in a loss of a good employee. Having an exit interview will be great for the employers who want to reevaluate what they can do to hold on to their good employees. Exit interviews help in determining the improvements. Not only for the employers, an exit interview will be beneficial for the employers also so that they can leave on the good term.

But due to over-confidence, most employees show attitude and arrogance while leaving a bad impression that may impact the joining of their next interview via references. If you are going to face exit interviews then you should be ready for the sprint of questions like-

  • Why are you leaving?
  • What can we do to make you stay?
  • How was the working environment?
  • What are your perceptions about the company and the top management?
  • How was your tuning with your coworkers?
  • Would you like to work with us in the future? Why and why not?

So prepare yourself accordingly, so that you can answer cool-mindedly. If you are not sure how to behave during an exit interview or you are not sure what to discuss then you can consider the below points.

Be honest 

If you are leaving, it is obvious that you might not be happy in the current role or you are getting a better opportunity for your career growth. So even though you have to say honest things make sure to control your tone. If you are giving negative feedback then you need to be humble and make them understand what you wanted from this role and the top management. Also, avoid taking out your frustration during the interview. If you stay calm and kind, your issues will have listened and you might get whatever you wanted.  

Be specific

Whenever you appear for the exit interview make sure that you leave a good impression. Also, make sure that you support all your answers with examples and instances that will make you good. Also, if they want they will recommend you for new positions. Being specific will help in showing your own value to the employer. Also, tell them what has bugged you in the working environment. 

Also, give positive feedback

Never only focus on the worst part of your role in the company. Make sure that you also highlight the positive side such as what you have learned from the company, what skills you have developed, and what you liked the most about the team and the managers. Having mixed feedback will help you to create a good image. 


Though there are many other things that you can consider during your exit interview. It is also possible that the management will provide you a better opportunity there in the company if they understood your problem and try to make a better environment for your working.