How to Begin a Job Search

Searching for a job might look like a big task, but in reality, all it requires is the right amount of knowledge and skills. The job hunt process consists of various different factors that have to be considered and today we will be talking about those in detail. So without any further due, let’s get started. 

  • Create your CV

Your resume serves as the foundation of your employment search. In the event that it has been years since you have even glanced at your resume, the first step in your job hunt should be a complete resume update.


Even though you’ll want to customise your resume for each job you apply for, having a current version of your resume ready to go makes it simpler to make minor adjustments to your resume for each application.


Make sure to mention your current job dates on your resume, as well as any new roles, abilities, or accomplishments that you would want hiring managers to be aware of. Also, double-check your contact information to ensure that it is up to date as well as possible.

  • Set your salary goals 

A lot of job hunting individuals get terrified by the prospect of negotiating their wage. Sometimes you won’t be able to do so, and other times you may only be able to boost your offer by a little amount, but it is beneficial to practise this crucial skill from your very first position on the job market. 


You’d be shocked at how normal and anticipated pay bargaining is in the recruiting process throughout your whole career, especially at the beginning. 


If you begin with these tactics, you will find the process to be less intimidating overall. Thus, you will be able to devote more time and energy to crucial job search tactics that can help you find your first job, such as interviewing and networking.

  • Update your profiles 

You can expect that in today’s digital era, one of the first steps a prospective employer will do after examining your CV is look you up on social media. 

And thus, it is important to keep your social media profiles clean and professional. While they don’t have to be completely business related (after all, you have a life outside of work), it is advised not to have anything unpleasant or incriminating there. 

  • Use Networking to your Advantage

The greater the number of individuals who can support you, the better. Personalize your message and reach out to a few chosen individuals in your network to inform them that you are looking for a new position.

  • See what you want to achieve 

It goes without saying that you have one major, overarching aim during your job search: to find a new position. However, this may take some time, and it’s easy to get disheartened if you don’t feel like you’re making any progress towards your goal during that period.



Make a strategy for your job hunt to help you keep on track and avoid losing sight of your ultimate objective. The ability to maintain a positive attitude throughout the job search is also quite beneficial.