How to Answer the Interview Question “Why should we hire you”

How to Answer the Interview Question “Why should we hire you?”

If you are appearing for an interview then you might be stressed about how it is going to turn out, what will be the result, or what they will ask. You prepare yourself with all possible questions and prepare answers for them in advance. During the interview, it is important that you are confident enough that you answer the question right away without trembling or hesitating. One of the toughest questions is- tell us about yourself, your experiences, where you will see yourself in 10 years, and why should we hire you.

You have to make sure that you prepare their possible and multiple answers in advance. These are the deciding answers that will decide if you are going to be selected or not. With these questions, the recruiter will judge you as a person, your skills, so you need to provide a concrete answer. But whenever you are asked, why should we hire you, you need to proceed with care.

In this article, we have mentioned various ways how you can answer the question- why should we hire you?

How to proceed with a question- why should we hire you?

This is a decision-making question, as it will help the employers to learn a few things about the nature of the candidate. They want to know how you are better than other candidates and why they should give you this chance. So you need to make them believe that you are the one and the only perfect candidate for this role.

So while you prepare for this question, you might consider the following points to frame the answer.

  • Go through the job posting- make sure you go through the job posting thoroughly to understand the specific requirement of the company. What skills, experience, the knowledge do they require from the candidate. Focus on the sections like requirement, knowledge, and experience, and check how much you can cover off that posting.
  • Do deep research about the company- know the company well before you appear for the interview to get their latest updates and announcements. Go through the core values of the company and try to relate yourself with those values while answering during interviews. Explain to them how you can be a valuable asset to the company.
  • Tell them your experiences- explain to them how our prior experiences can help the team in growing and implementing new ideas. Tell them what you have in mind for their upcoming announcements. Make sure you go through each and every requirement of the job posting and relate yourself with each of them to have a solid impact on the recruiters.

Possible framing of the answer

Example 1-

I have just started my career as a data analyst thus not having much practical experience. At this position, I am open to explore my abilities and be creative in whatever I do. Even I am able to share fresh ideas and give my best to this company. I will take this opportunity to improve myself and benefit this company out of my learning. I have a strong academic background that makes me more suitable to cope up even in challenging situations. I am willing to learn and implement that in real-world scenarios.


Well, everyone has something unique in their personality and working style, so it is up to your creativity how well you can use your skills to give a perfectly unique answer to impress the employers and get a good package without even asking.