How Onboarding Experience is the key to Recruitment success and Retention

Every employee joins any company with great expectations regarding career growth and self-recognition. Most of the employees decide whether they want to stay in the company or leave within the six months of joining, so they sense the environment and the behavior of the top management. If they feel that there is no growth for them then they decide to quit. For retaining the employees, it is necessary that the company creates an environment that is healthy and growing for the employee. So, the company should focus and invest well in improving their onboarding process.

The smooth and encouraging onboarding process will set an expectation and tone for the new hires and they get influenced by the transition. Thus the company should understand the importance of the smooth onboarding process that will help in the successful retention of the employees. 

Below are some ways that companies can improve the onboarding experience.


Creating an inclusive onboarding experience

The onboarding process takes time so better make it worth and utilize in assimilating the new hires into the culture of your company. You can emphasize diversity and inclusion during the onboarding experience. Make sure that the new hires understand the core values of your company and feel welcomed. 

You should highlight the attributes that make your company and why they are important to understand and follow. Creating a memorable experience will help the new hires to be engaged from day one and would likely remain joined to the company.


Paint a big picture of a successful career

Onboarding is a crucial process for new hires as they will get to understand the company. As a manager, you once might be a new joiner and you should understand the tension and pressure on the new ones to get accumulated with the workload. So, make sure to discuss this during the onboarding process. 

Also, highlight the current roadmap so the new hires will set their priorities and understand how they will be able to contribute to the success of the company. You can have an introduction session where the new hires will get to connect to the top management and understand the bigger picture. 


Investing in the career development of employees

Most employees leave the company as they don’t see any career growth there. So make sure that the onboarding process will have its focus on the new hires who can contribute to the business along with developing their skills over time. 

When the new hires see the opportunity to grow then they will be willing to stay with the company. Show them various platforms that the company has to work on the skills of the employees and how the new hires can use it for their skill development. 

Employees feel engaged if they know that the company is capable of looking forward to the growth of their employees. This will help the company to hold on to its hard-working and dedicated employees. So companies should focus on improving the onboarding experience for the new hires.