How do I search for new jobs after one year of experience?

Searching for a new job or switching early? There could be various reasons such as you do not like your current role, want to learn something else, and others. If these are the basis for your early switch then yes, you will find various options. Having less experience will not make you unworthy of new challenging roles. 

It requires dedication and expertise in some technology for proving your worth. While applying, you might come across roles that require a minimum of 3 or more years of experience. This might demotivate you and you are not sure if you are even considered for the role as you do not fit their basic requirements. 

Well, this is only a criterion, if you are capable and confident about the role you must apply as companies will not reject you on the basis of experience. Still, if you are not sure what steps to follow, then you can go through the following steps to prepare yourself. 


Work on your skills

If you are confident about your expertise and want to pursue your career in a specific technology then you should apply for new companies. Most companies mainly focus on your skills and capability to fulfill the responsibilities of the role irrespective of your experience. So make sure that you work on your skills and have enough on your resume to gain the employer’s attention.


Prove, how valuable you are

If you do not have the expected experience then you do not have to worry. As it is upto your skills that will help you to land a job. Go through the job description and ask yourself if you will be able to deliver that, if not then you need to work on your skills. As a beginner with less experience, the only requirement is how employees tackle complex situations. So you need to create a case to prove why the company should consider you despite having no experience. 


Use your connections

If you have the required skills and experience then nothing is better than endorsing you from inside. It is only possible if you have strong connections and you can use them to get the desired job. There is nothing wrong with asking a favor from your mentor. If you do not have a professional connection then you can mention your teacher’s name for reference. 


Use your resume

Speaking of your resume, make sure that you highlight all your skills. This will help companies to see how you are a good fit for the company. Work on your resume and make it strong enough that no company can defer your profile. If you are not able to sort your resume then you can take the help of experts to improve your resume.


If you are successful in implementing all the steps carefully then your hard time searching for new roles will be reduced. Switching early is not a crime for which you need to worry but you need to be careful while looking for new jobs. Once you find the right job, make sure to gain experience as much as you can for further new roles.