Body Language and Gestures Everything you need to know for your upcoming Interview (1)

Body Language and Gestures: Everything you need to know for your upcoming Interview

You might have heard the expression “actions speak louder than words” is true at several moments. One of them is while interviews, body language is important and plays a crucial role. If your words do not match your body language then you might be nervous or not confident enough or mean whatever you are saying. Having this difference might give an unclear picture about you. 

So for having a great impression make sure that you behave formally but confident in whatever you say. As it is the job of the interviewer to create a perception about you on the basis of your knowledge and your body language. If your body language is not appropriate then you might not be having a good chance for that role.

Below are some tips about body language and gestures that you can take care of during interviews and make sure to leave a strong impression.


Eye contact

Having consistent eye contact with your interviewer is a great way of showing that you are paying attention to all the details they are telling you. It shows that you are engaged with them and understand what is on the table for you in that specific role. But, it does not mean that you will give a stare to the interviewer, as they will feel uncomfortable talking to you and might get a vague impression from your end. If you are in an interview with many people on the other side, then make sure that you address the person who asked you the question.


Sit straight

If you maintain the right sitting posture it will send a signal that you are confident and are very serious about the job. Make sure to avoid the slouch position as it will not seem good and reflects your casual attitude towards them. It will tell the interviewers that you are engaged throughout the conversation.


Hand gestures

During interviews making subtle hand gestures is a sign of honesty and openness. If you are not talking, you can keep your hand at rest such as on your lap. There are different meanings of different types of hand movements, they are capable of deciding if you are nervous or confident. You can avoid clinching fists, biting nails during interviews as they will distract the interviewer and it will not good for your results.


Avoid touching your face

If you are touching your face frequently in form of touching hairs, head, neck, or in another inappropriate way then you are nervous and not paying attention to what other people have to say. You seem disengaged during conversation and make you look bored. Also, avoid crossing your legs and arms, as it seems defensive. So you can try to sit straight facing the interviewer with confidence.


Stay at one spot

Keeping yourself together throughout the interview process is important as the person is taking out time for your career growth. To maintain your body posture throughout the process that will show your commitment and engagement. It will reflect your positive image in front of the interviewer.


Keeping a consistent pace during an interview is challenging, as there might be points where you are nervous and losing confidence but you need to be positive with your body language. It will reflect an honest, confident, and engaged image of yours. It will definitely be an important factor to be selected in the interview and reaching to the next step.