5 signs that you performed well in your Interview (1)

5 signs that you performed well in your Interview

Appearing for the interviews is not less than a nightmare no matter how prepared you are. Getting to the interview stage is itself is an achievement in this competitive world. People are racing against each other to get a dream job and do hard work for getting there. If you have recently appeared for the interview then you can understand the feeling. But the worst feeling is the wait to get the results. There have been many questions that have been popped up in your mind like how the interview has been?

But, if you have listened to your interviewer carefully then you might get an idea of how your result is going to be. There are some signs that the interviewer will give you while interviewing you or while giving you a feedback call. All you need is to understand their terms. Below are a few ways that will tell you if your interview went well.


You performed well than expected

Time is important for everyone, even for the recruiter. If they dedicated more time to your while interviewing than others then it might be a plus point for you. More time gave the recruiter a pace to learn more about you. This phrase will give you the clue that you might have a chance to be selected.


You must be told what you would be doing in the role.

If the recruiter is interested in you and impressed by your skills, then the recruiter will explain the role by indicating that “you would be expected” rather than “the suitable candidate would be expected”. This phrase makes a lot of difference as the recruiter has already been imagined you for this role. 


You were engaging while interviewing.

In IT field, most of the talk and responses have been guessed by the body language. If the person is interested in whatever you are saying and giving complete attention then the person is interested in you. If you see that the recruiter is nodding, smiling, and listening to your points then they are considering your every point to make the decision, so take up the opportunity to make it worthwhile. 


You were being introduced to other decision-makers.

If at the end of the interview, you have been introduced to some other people who are having the authority to make the final decisions then it is considered to be a positive sign. So make sure you left a good impression as they will be discussing you and making a combined decision.


Your questions will be answered

If at the end of the interview, all your answers will be answered in detail, it means that you are being considered and they are eager to resolve all your issues beforehand as much as they can. 


Well, every interviewer will react differently but if you have the right sense then you can rectify their decision then and there. You only have to focus on what they are saying and understand their words carefully. But if you dint not hear anything from the above then do not get demoralized as you cannot control their decision irrespective of how the interview went as there might be the more capable person for the interview.